AquFlow is a premier chemical metering pump manufacturer based in Irvine, California

AquFlow is the gold standard in metering pumps and systems, offering the widest range of material

selection and flow rates up to 1,750 GPH (Simplex) and 3,500 GPH (Duplex).

Metering Pumps

  • Flow Capacity Up to 123 GPH (Duplex)

  • Pressure Up to 4,000 PSI

  • Design Unibody - Fewer Parts

  • Metering Accuracy+/- 1%

  • Capacity Controls Manual/Auto

  • Safety Built-in internal relief valve

  • Availability Duplex or Double Flow Capacity

  • Liquid Handling Able to handle difficult liquids like slurries, off-gasing, high viscosities

  • Flow CapacityUp to 224 GPH (Duplex)

  • PressureUp to 1,800 PSI

  • DesignModular

  • Metering Accuracy+/- 1%

  • Capacity ControlsManual/Auto

  • SafetyBuilt-in internal relief valve

  • AvailabilityDuplex or Double Flow Capacity

  • Liquid HandlingAble to handle difficult liquids like slurries, off-gasing, high viscosities


AquFlow Pump Controls
  • Aquflow pumps are as easy to control as they are to install and run.

  • Since a metering pump is a positive displacement pump you can control the flow capacity by adjusting the stroke’s length and/or speed.

Stroke Length

By adjusting the stroke length, you are controlling the displacement volume per stroke. This can be achieved either manually or automatically through the following options:

  • Manual

  • Electronic

  • Pneumatic

Also allows for stroke speed and dual axis pump control

 Skid Systems

Standard Range of ChemInjector Packages
  • Aquflow offers Basic assembly, Standard system, Auto system, Auto Plus system, and Auto Plus Remote control system ChemInjector. Where you can find a basic assembly include pumps accessories to more sophisticated system including remotely controlled systems using a radio signal or over the internet using a computer, tablet, or  smartphone.

Skid-Mounted Chemical Injector Systems

Customized Reliability – Complete Chemical Feed System:

  • AquFlow offers customized ChemInjector systems based on your specification. AquFlow provides everything you need for an accurate chemical delivery chemical injector system. Most assemblies are skid-mounted, which is then placed at the site. Some chemical injector systems are too large for skid mounting.

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