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ModemMillie uses built-in cellular internet routing technology to provide ANY ethernet-capable equipment its own connection to the internet - without the need for phone or LAN lines.


Plug & Play with your controller, PLC or RTU

Easy set-up:

  • No programming required: just call us - we do ALL the setup

  • ModemMillie is compatible with Walchem's I-900, I-600 series

  • AquaPhoenix carries three different models of the modemMillie™ system. Each differs slightly in size and specifications so you can select the best system for your needs.

  • These are the three versions available at AquaPhoenix:

  • MM-T10: This unit features a 1-port industrial-grade cellular modemMillie™ with optional Wi-Fi and a compact enclosure.

  • MM-T20: In this style, you receive a 2-port industrial-grade cellular modemMillie™ with Wi-Fi capabilities.

  • MM-T40: The MM-T40 includes a 4-port industrial-grade cellular modemMillie™. Its specifications feature Wi-Fi, dual SIM capabilities and a multi-carrier option.


The cellular internet modem uses embedded software to provide an independent, always-on internet connection for industrial devices.


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