Pyxis, founded in 2012, operates out of Holliston, Massachusetts as well as in Shanghai, China. We offer high quality inline and handheld fluorometers, fluorescent tracing chemicals, and supports to the water treatment industry. Pyxis is dedicated to offering cutting edge instruments and chemicals for customers in the water treatment industry. Our products are designed for experienced professionals who are seeking the latest and best technology.

Handheld Meters

Water Multimeter - pH/ ORP / Cond / PTSA / Chlorine
SP-910 Portable Water Analyzer
  • pH + ORP module

  • Bluetooth connectivity

  • PTSA and conductivity cell

  • Chlorine

  • Large color screen, easy operation

  • A Major Upgrade from the Popular SP-900

  • All-in-one convenience

  • Simple, robust, intelligent

  • Water treatment industry focus

SP-350 Handheld Fluorometer
  • Simple to operate

  • Tolerance to interference

  • Durable and affordable

SP-400 – PTSA & Conductivity
  • Highly Portable Tracer & Conductivity

  • PTSA Fluoremeter (0-300ppb)

  • Conductivity (0-15,000 uS)

  • Single Step Calibration w/Liquid Standard

  • Bluetooth/WiFi Enabled for Wireless Calibration of ST Series Probes

  • Compensates for Color and Turbidity!

  • No vial or cuvette to lose or break

  • IP67 Dustproof, waterproof




Series Inline Fluorometers


Inline pH / ORP / Conductivity Sensor With Embedded Transducers


Series Inline Turbiditmeters

  • Color and turbidity compensation for accurate readings, long-term stability, and less frequent calibration.

  • Typical maintenance cycle in months, not weeks or days.

  • Works with WiFi and Bluetooth adapters for one-press calibration with the SP-910, 700, and 400 tools, and for firmware upgrades via your smart phone.

  • Isolated 4-20mA output: no need for additional transmitter for easy connection with PLC and DCS.

  • Dual embedded transmitters in sensor housing: 4-20mA and RS-485 supporting MODBUS.

  • Large conjunction capacity (compared to replaceable electrode design) leading to longer service life.

  • Longer maintenance cycles with high contamination resistance. Eliminates the need of pre-amplifier and transfer signal directly in 4~20mA or digital protocol.

  • Enhanced robustness when controller is away from sample point.

  • Specially designed pH/ORP electrodes tolerant to short time frozen during shipment or storage.

  • Stainless steel solution grounding point on sensor to stay away from ground loop problems.

  • Dual-wavelength: white LED and IR LED 90° scattering to achieve more reliable and accurate reading in a complex flow system.

  • A small footprint compact design, similar to an industrial pH probe.

  • Isolated 4-20mA output. No need for additional transmitter for easy connection to PLC and DCS.

  • Isolated RS-485 output embedded for easy trouble shooting and calibration.

ST 730 Inline Turbidity Meter
  • Eliminates Color & Turbidity Interference!

  • ST500 = PTSA (0-300ppb)

  • ST500RO = PTSA for RO (0-40ppb)

  • ST525SS = Fluorescein for Boiler FW (0-60ppb)

  • 4-20mA & Modbus RS485 Connection

  • Wireless Calibration   Smart Phone or Pyxis SP Units

  • Probe fouling diagnostics through PC

CR-100/200 Corrosion Sensor
  • Digital  technology:  The  weak  LPR  signal  is

  • conditioned, amplified and digitized immedi­ately in the sensor, avoiding interference and attenuation caused by long-distance transmis­sion to the transmitter.

  • Anti-electromagnetic interference design.

  • Ruggedized design for harsh environments.

  • MODBUS  support  with  isolated  RS-485  com­munication. Easy connection to DCS.

ST-700 Series Inline pH/ORP/ Conductivity Sensors


lnline pH+ORP Sensor

PJN: 53003


lnline pH Sensor

PJN: 53001


lnline ORP Sensor

PJN: 53002

Algae Monitoring Solutions
  • Pre-calibratad with using a live algae sample.The fluorescence chlorophyll-a  measurement  is auto­matically compensated for sample color and turbidi­ ty interference.

  • Calibrated using a water sample with known chlo­-rophyll-a concentration  or a simulated  470/675 (Ex/Em) fluorescent sample through a user-frlendly menu-driven procedure.

  • Sample vials available for  EM·900 for  multiple sample measurement and ease-of-cleaning.


lnline Conductivity Sensor

PJN: 53101

Features :

  •     Large conjunction capacity (compared to replaceable electrode design) leading to longer service life.

  •     High contamination resistance for longer maintenance cycles.

  •     Eliminate the need for pre-amplifier and transfer signal directly in 4-20mA or digital communication (RS-485 supporting MODBUS).

  •     Enhanced robustness when the controller is away from the sample point. Specially designed pH/ORP electrodes tolerant of short time frozen during shipment or storage. 

  •     Stainless steel solution grounding on the sensor to avoid ground loop problems

ST-001 Custom Tee for All Sensors

• UPVC:. molded

•SCH 80

•Dual unions for 116 inch NPT or unthreaded ports PJN: 50704


LS-200 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter


WIFI Inline Bluetooth Adapter


Wireless Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

The Pyxis LS-200 is a general purpose and innovative ultrasonic liquid level sensor that replaces float, conductance and pressure sensors that fail due to contact with dirty, sticky and scaling liquids in small, medium and large capacity tanks. These liquid level sensors can be used in either open or enclosed tanks. The sensor provides continuous level measurement up to 86 inches (2.2m) with a 4-20 mA signal output, RS485 and Bluetooth digital output, and can be configured via Pyxis free uPyxis® APP for both smartphone or desktop. The LS-200 sensor can be powered by a 24VDC external power source via the 10’ output and power supply waterproof cable provided. This noncontact liquid level sensor is well suited for corrosive liquids chemical or process tank

Easy to Install

•Just Mount to Panel!

•Quick Connect – Between Probe & Controller


Easy to Diagnose & Calibrate Probes

•Calibrate Any Pyxis Probe Wirelessly

•Connect via smart phone or PC

•Pyxis App Available for iPhone/Samsung

•Diagnose Fouling & Probe Damage

•Simplified commission with  battery power and Bluetooth com­ munication.

•Battery life upto 6 months by ultra-low power  design and smart power management.

•uPyxis  (Pyxis  Smartphone  APP) supported  to  for  reading  and setup.

•Report by gallons or pounds after setup via uPyxis app.

•Easy installation to common 1-inch or 2-inch bulkhead fittings

Phone App

Video Library


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