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Peabody Tanks and Containment

Peabody Engineering, founded in 1952 in Gardena, CA, is a manufacturer and distributor of tanks, telecommunication disguising equipment, and other various plastic products that meet the demand of a wide range of markets.

Gemini Dual Containment® Tanks

Gemini Tank
Blue / Natural Square Tanks
Blue / Natural Cylindrical  Tanks
Gemini Double Wall Tank
Gemini Square Double Wall

Our Gemini Dual Containment® Tanks, also known as Double Wall Tanks, are rated for a wide range of chemical applications.

Gemini Dual Containment® Tanks are an excellent choice when you’re looking for safe storage of chemicals and other products where a Secondary Containment Tank system is required.

They meet or exceed secondary containment regulations set under EPA 49CFR. Designed with pump mounting surface, female threaded connections and twist lid inspection port.

ProChem® Process Chemical Tank

ProChem Tank

ProChem® Process Chemical Tanks are designed for industrial process chemical applications where a single-walled design is desired.

ProChem® Process Chemical Tanks include an integrally molded pump mounting platform on top and standard process fittings for fill and discharge of chemicals, water or food products. Supplied with a large vented access opening and easy to read calibration in liters and gallons, the ProChem® Tank offers standard features not previously available.

DCS – Double Containment Tanks

DCS Tank
value-pak-double-wall-tank-001 (002).jpg

DCS – Double Containment Tanks are manufactured from a high purity FDA approved HDPE (High Density Linear Polyethylene) resin. HDPE tanks have superior chemical resistance, extreme durability and excellent UV stabilizers, making them an ideal choice for a wide range of applications from food processing and semiconductor to heavy duty industrial chemical storage. Most of our tanks are also NSF 61 compliant


HDPE resins are weldable, allowing for installation of welded process nozzles from 1/2” to 14” and larger if required. HDPE allows us to weld our DCS Double Walled Tank Systems together, making them a true one-piece double walled containment system.

Our tanks are rated for temperatures up to 120°F and higher with special upgraded enhancements upon request.

Our standard tanks are rated for 1.5 Specific Gravity contents. We offer 1.9 SPG tanks upon request.

Tank Packages designed with our most popular options making Dual Containment Tank Systems simple, feature rich and easy to order.

List of tank sizes

Silver VP

Gold VP

Platinum VP

Pump Containment Enclosure – PCS





The Pump Containment Enclosure product line is ideal for protecting the environment and your workers from injuries due to spilled or spraying chemicals. Pump Spill Containment Enclosure is great in outdoor applications for keeping your pumps out of the sun and weather.


Polyethylene material allows for wide chemical compatibility and is corrosion resistant. Cover contains pumps/meters safely inside the enclosure and protects workers and environment from accidental leaks or spray from tubing or pumps. Optional Divider isolates pumps with different chemicals to allow for separate containment and minimize contamination from mixed chemicals. The built-in reservoir collects discharged liquid and drains through the bottom drain port. Available standard in blue or natural (custom colors available by special request). Price includes (4) aluminum brackets for wall or deck mounting. Custom company graphics can be added for increased brand awareness. Optional security bolt prevents unauthorized access to contents.

PCS-PLUS Pump Containment Enclosure


Introducing the Exciting NEW PCS-PLUS Pump Containment Enclosures PCS-PLUS 2.0 and 4.0. The Ultimate enclosures for chemical feed pumps. Feature Rich, innovative and VERY user friendly.

“PLUS” Enlcosures are designed to handle larger chemical feed pump sizes or multiple pumps in one enclosure.

PLUS you can use them for:

  • Peristaltic (tubing) Pumps

  • AODD Pumps

  • Small to medium positive displacement pumps

  • Small Centrifugals

Our PCS-PLUS Pump Containment Enclosures are available in our standard colors of Natural (Vanilla) or Gemini Blue/Gray 2-Tone but can also be molded in custom colors for special applications or provided with your company graphics molded in for branding and enhanced market exposure. Call our customer service department for pricing on custom colors or graphics. LDPE Construction.

  • Front opening doors for easy access to pumps

  • Hinged top hood for ease in servicing internal equipment

  • Bottom Suction port for vertical insertion of tubing into your feed pumps

  • Bottom Port for Electrical Connections

  • Integral Hinge design with all non-metallic corrosion-resistant components

  • Dual Pane Viewing Windows for easy visual assessment of pumps inside

  • Integral Anchoring Connections

  • Lockable front doors to secure your equipment from unauthorized access

  • Integral Mounting Supports for Coupon Racks and Piping Manifolds

  • Standard mounting plate for installation of your pump controller inside

  • Enhanced bottom sump drain connection

  • Optional Internal Cooling Fan

PCS-PLUS Brochure

PCS-PLUS 2.0/4.0

PCS-PLUS Customer Print

3P Document Protectors

YouTube Videos

YouTube Videos

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